Lewis Black Remembers The Time He Didn’t Return A Phone Call From Donald Trump

The Daily Show veteran Lewis Black stopped by to chat with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, and as usual in the day and age we’re living in, there was no shortage of topics to talk about. First, Meyers addressed the fact that women are finally stepping forward to lead, and wondered if we might see more running in the 2018 midterm elections. Suffice to say, Black is 100 percent on board with that idea.

Floating the idea that there should be a third party comprised of women, Black said, “Because men have really proven in the course of my lifetime, that we don’t know what we’re doing. And we don’t. We don’t know how to govern ourselves, and women are more nurturing, so I think, uh, men are pigs.”

From there Meyers turned the conversation to a “Back in Black” segment the comedian did in 2011, in which he uncannily prophesied the presidency of Donald Trump. At the time, Black advocated Trump running for president in 2012, and the year was the furthest thing from the mark in the segment.

We’re done with presidents, we’ve tried every option and flavor, stupid president, smart president, white president, black president — doesn’t work! What this country needs is a crazy third-world dictator, and Donald Trump takes what it has to be that.

What people don’t know however, was that Trump actually reached out to Black after that segment. The then-Celebrity Apprentice star apparently had his secretary call Black’s assistant, but he was apparently too busy to call him back.

“After a couple of days I realized, I had no time to talk to him and I’m just a comic,” Black recalled. “And I had no time to talk to him and he was supposed to be an entrepreneur with a TV show and all sort of stuff going on, and apparently he had time to talk to me, I don’t have time to talk to him What’s wrong with this picture?!”

So Black never returned Trump’s call. Do we have him to thank for President Trump? Watch the original segment below and be the judge: