Life Imitates ‘Seinfeld’ As A California Woman Lied To Friends And Family About Having Cancer

Any fan of Seinfeld will surely remember the episode “The Scofflaw,” in which Jon Lovitz’s Gary Fogel faked cancer to gain sympathy and favors from Jerry and George. In one of the most vile examples of life imitating art, a Chula Vista, CA resident named Meaghan Hudson also lied about her cancer diagnosis (multiple myeloma, to be exact) to her friends and family for almost seven months, according to the Daily Mail:

Meaghan Hudson, 25, left those closest to her devastated when she sent text messages in December 2013, saying she was suffering from multiple myeloma, a type of cancer which forms in the bone marrow, and she was unlikely to survive.

After hearing Meaghan’s diagnosis, her (let’s assume former) friends did whatever they could to support her:

Miss Hudson’s friends, who have known her since high school in Dayton, Ohio, went to great lengths to show their support – they shaved their heads in solidarity for her chemo and got matching tattoos of an inspirational song lyric.

Of course, just lying to friends and family is not good enough for ol’ Meaghan, so let’s also allegedly bilk the public for good measure:

The 25-year-old, who lives in Chula Vista, California, also had a fundraising website set up for her by her stepmother, Margaret Hudson.

Well-wishers sent $5,000 towards her ‘medical expenses’ and high school friend Chelsey Whild also told NBC that a further $2,000 was raised for Meaghan at a bowling alley event.

After a while, though, Meaghan’s sister, Haley Hudson, wasn’t exactly buying the whole story anymore:

She told 10 News: ‘Little stuff, like the fact that her hair grew back pretty thick and usually with cancer patients it doesn’t.’

Thankfully, an anonymous tipster (we all know Costanza can’t keep a secret) spilled the beans on Meaghan’s terrible lie:

Last July, Meaghan’s story fell apart after an anonymous tip was made to the Chula Vista Police Department saying that she didn’t really have cancer.

Police said the 25-year-old admitted to faking the disease.

Besides the cancer story, Meaghan’s parents also found out she misled them about attending college, which in comparison seems almost palatable. Needless to say, Meaghan will probably have a lengthy prison sentence, during which she will have to watch an infinite loop of the Seinfeld finale.

(Via: Daily Mail)