There’s A Brilliant Life Hack To Solve Your iPhone’s ‘Motherducking’ Problem

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10.07.16 2 Comments


You’ve had this conversation before, the one where you’re either really mad or really happy about something and you text “i’m so f*cking angry” or “i’m so f*cking happy” (you are very literal with your texts) to a friend. Except your iPhone annoyingly autocorrects your messages to “i’m so ducking angry” or “i’m so ducking happy,” which, ironically, makes you extra f*cking angry. It’s a problem that’s plagued mankind for, I dunno, a couple of years, but worry no longer, there’s an easy solution. A motherf*cking life hack, if you will.

Steven Thrasher, a columnist for the Guardian, got sick of always having to tell his iPhone, no, I meant to say “don’t f*ck with me,” not “don’t duck with me.” So he discovered that if you add “f*ck f*cker” and “f*cking f*cking” to your contacts (minus the asterisks — this is a f*cking family-friendly website, after all), your prudish iPhone will never try to censor you again. “The iPhone would just think I knew someone named F*ck,” he told BuzzFeed. The rest of the world has finally caught up with Guilherme Crabogiale Fuck’s family.

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