Lindsay Lohan’s Offer To Turn On The Christmas Lights For A British Town Ends With An Apology

Herbie: Fully Loaded star and noted accent acquirer Lindsay Lohan has had a less than rosy relationship with the British town of Kettering. What’s that? No, the town did not write Georgia Rule. That’s a separate issue. It’s a saga that begins with this summer’s Brexit result and has ended in revamped holiday plans.

The whole affair began when Lohan criticized Kettering’s pro-Brexit voting trend on Twitter. The actress wasn’t shy about voicing her opinion on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, although her tweet about Kettering would be deleted not long after it appeared .

“Sorry, but #KETTERING where are you?” asked Lohan with 61% of residents voting “Leave.”

Kettering wasn’t thrilled with Lohan’s Twitter musing and eventually a solution was found. Things could be smoothed over with Lohan popping by the English town and lighting the Christmas tree. A local MP tossed the suggestion Lohan’s way and a reply was given to direct message the tabloid magnet to hammer out the details. Smash cut to today where Lohan released a video apology saying that she will not be able to lend her lighting talents.

“I really wanted to make it but with my busy schedule I wasn’t able to and I appreciate the offer,” Lohan informed the camera.

According to the BBC, the Kettering Borough Council claimed they had difficulty locked down a clear direction from Lohan’s camp. “They have not requested any detailed information about tonight’s event so we have naturally come to the conclusion that she will not be coming,” said a council spokesperson earlier today.

Based off the response Kettering residents had to the news, the town doesn’t appear to be heartbroken by this development.

“I can think of many more interesting celebrities we could have had,” said shop worker Anna Sye. “I think George Clooney would have kept his promise.”

That may be true, but could George bring a sibling with Christmas tunes to spare? Let’s not eliminate that part of the equation.

(Via Time & BBC News)