Lindsay Lohan Had Esurance Donate $10,000 To Her Community Service Organization

02.17.15 4 years ago
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If you haven’t been following the trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan’s community service, here’s some background:

In 2012, Lohan hit an 18-wheeler and was charged with reckless driving. She was sentenced to 240 hours of community service. By November 2014, she’d only completed half. So the judge extended the time for her to complete, to January 28th. In that time between, Lohan went on vacation to Bora Bora and caught a mosquito virus, and also took a questionable selfie. That gave her nine days to complete 80 hours of community service, which she alleges she did. But her service included autograph signings and meet-and-greets, as well as allowing kids to work-shadow her… except she wasn’t working at the time.

So, the prosecutor in the case stated his doubts about the validity of her volunteer work, and tomorrow she has to go back into court and the judge could ask CSV, her community service organization, for more information about her service hours. And, now, news comes that Lohan asked Esurance to donate $10,000 to the organization because she “likes what the org does for poor kids.”

Now that you’re all caught up, here’s the issue with that:

The problem … Lindsay’s due back in court Wednesday because the prosecutor has challenged her community service. It’s possible the judge could ask CSV for more info about Lindsay’s community service and the money could taint the legitimacy of CSV’s response.

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, says, “TMZ has stooped to a new low. To take Lindsay’s positive efforts in supporting CSV and turn them into something negative simply to sell a story is offensive.” She adds, “Lindsay has been involved in helping to raise funds for this wonderful organization since she started her community service there and she has continued her work as a volunteer, even though her community service was completed weeks ago.”

Looks like we’ll see Wednesday if the judge accepts the donation as a good deed, or something else.

Source: TMZ

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