Of Course Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Skipped Out On A $1,300 Restaurant Check

Lindsay Lohan
Getty Image

Since completing her probation at the end of May and finishing her West End run of Speed-the-Plow, we haven’t heard too much from Lindsay Lohan, who seems to be celebrating her clean bill of, uh, law by gallivanting around Europe.

It was during one of those trips to Mykonos, Greece, that Lohan allegedly took a large group of friends out to a restaurant and then skipped out on the bill.

“She invited about 10 guy friends to dinner…and ordered crab legs and lobster— the most expensive things on the menu. Everyone, including Lindsay, split without paying!” the insider revealed. “She told the guys…not to worry about the bill.”

The restaurant allegedly spent three days looking for Lohan, and one of her friends eventually covered the pricey tab.

You know what they say, Lohans gonna Lohan. The sometimes-actress has also reportedly been spotted drinking again in recent months, so maybe we should all prepare ourselves for another potential freckled Tasmanian Devil booze-fueled crime spree.

(Via Radar)