Lindsay Lohan Swears She Won’t Miss Any Performances In Her West End Debut

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07.13.14 8 Comments


Lindsay Lohan is currently in London, where she’s gearing up for a 10-week West End performance in David Mamet’s Speed-The-Plow, which she’s ostensibly hoping will rehabilitate her image. Although rehearsals for the show, which debuts in September, haven’t begun yet, Lohan is adamant that she’s not going to screw this one up this time. In a recent interview with the BBC’s arts editor Will Gompertz, Gompertz asks in the most polite, British way possible if there was any chance that she wouldn’t be showing up to rehearsals and performances every single day. She was quick to shoot him down, saying, “That’s not in the cards. That’s not going to happen.”

“I want to be known for my talents and my work that I create, rather than a tabloid sensation,” she said. “However long it does take, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to work for it.”

“There’s a different standard to it here. It seems more prestigious. It seems a bit more serious and that’s something that I really want to experience.”

The thing about Lindsay is that she honestly doesn’t seem to understand why on Earth anyone would be skeptical of her talent or commitment. Now, while I’m no actor, it’s my understanding that live theater is the most grueling undertaking for an actor, while being the subject of a reality show is probably the easiest. So, recalling that Lindsay Lohan even managed to consistently flake on her own reality show, we’re supposed to take it as face value that this theatrical performance shall go flawlessly? Ooookay.

Good luck, West End’s Speed-The-Plow producers, you brought this on yourself.

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