Lingerie Brand Answers Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ Ad With A Spot-On Body Positive Ad Of Its Own

Remember when Victoria’s Secret came out with a line of “perfect body” lingerie and the women in the ad represented the most diverse array of exclusively skinny bodies? So representative, Vicky! Good going! Well, lingerie brand Curvy Kate has issued a response to that “every body” ad with its own ad featuring several kinds of body types ranging from svelte to plus in all its body positive glory. Here’s the ad:


Not only that, but the ad is part of Curvy Kate’s campaign to find its next Star in a Bra model, who will be chosen though an online poll on the company’s site. From, emphasis on the VS dig ours:

With the public outcry for the use of more realistic images in the media, Star in a Bra champions the use of relatable role models and promotes a positive approach to body image. We want to show you exactly how our lingerie will look and fit on a variety of body shapes, cementing that there isn’t one type of ‘perfect body’.

Oh, (bra) snap, Vicky! Day-umm!

Since the lingerie line caters exclusively to women who wear bra sizes D-K, there truly is a variety of body types — as well as ethnicities — in the running. The voting has been going on since April 1 and the winner will be announced tomorrow. But they’re all lovely, and hey, you… in the mirror — so are you.

Source: The Daily Dot