The '80s And The '90s Summarized With Two Pictures (And Links)

10 Hilarious Insights Into Hank Schrader That You Can’t Get From Watching ‘Breaking Bad’ |Warming Glow|

Olivia Munn’s Boobs Tragically Disappear In The Trailer For ‘Ghost Tits’ |UPROXX|

Van Damme and Kylie Minogue were getting it on during Street Fighter |Film Drunk|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/13/12: Brock Lesnar Takes 45 Minutes To Break An Arm |With Leather|

Did Nas Really Use Jay Electronica As His Ghostwriter? |Smoking Section|

COUNTERPOINT: Football Is Right And You Are Wrong |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

27 Rejected Romney VPs |HuffPost Comedy|

Ceiling cat is bored with this lecture |The Daily What|

Related supercut: People and Cats Falling Through Ceilings |Gorilla Mask|

The Six Best Billboards Of The Last Six Years |Buzzfeed|

Which U.S. president was addicted to cocaine? |Death + Taxes|

Batman Toilet Paper Holder: The Dark Knight Wipes |Technabob|

Shark Week Fans Biting Their TVs: The Definitive Gallery |Hypervocal|

4 Ridiculous Space Accidents (Where Everyone Survived) |Mental Floss|

Top 10 unscripted movie lines you probably quote on a daily basis |Fark|

Cat demonstrates in 18 seconds what a-holes cats are. |The High Definite|

Crocs Founder Gets Pulled Over, Goes Insane, Blames Taylor Swift |BroBible|

12 Pretty Great Movies You Forgot About Before You Ever Got Around to Watching Them |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Maymo the dog steals a cabbage. |via Arbroath|

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[Pictures via IFC and Willzone.]