Afternoon Links Are Grrrre… Okay.

The 10 Best Questions And Theories About The Samsung Galaxy ‘Sex Tape’ Commercial |UPROXX|

Pictured: Sofia Vergara filming a sex scene with Sharon Stone |Film Drunk|

This Dan Harmon Speech On The Death Of Television Is A Must-Watch |Warming Glow|

The Strangest, Sexiest, Funniest Soccer Manager Calendar You Will Ever See |With Leather|

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If You See Katt Williams, Warn A Brother |Smoking Section|

25 Hilarious Pop Culture Snowmen |HuffPost|

13 New Ways To Use Old Electronics |Buzzfeed|

Tom Hanks’ Best Roles in Cartoon Form |Unreality|

Give A Compliment | Get A Compliment |High Definite|

The Time Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football |Mental Floss|

KFC’s Amazing ‘The Walking Dead’ Ad Placement |Gorilla Mask|

Portal Cookie Cutters Open a Portal to Your Tummy |Technabob|

The Gaza Crisis Explained In 3 Facts and 16 GIFs |College Humor|

The 40 most gruesome deaths in literature. Stand up Bateman, take a bow. |Fark|

You’ll Never Guess Where This Dude Was Hiding 2,500 Pounds of Weed |Brobible|

A Tale of Two TV Pilots: Understanding the Failure of “Wonder Woman” Through the Success of “Arrow” |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: “In 8 to Go, Warlock the Cat plays Captain Cuddles, a fancy feline whose one desire is to D.J. with Deadmau5″ — Vulture

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[Pictures via DP&F and Tastefully Offensive.]