The Black Eyed Peas Experience, Overly Attached Cat, And Links

Why so cereal?” — notBrit

40 Unique And Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes On A Budget |UPROXX|

Bullsh*t, Bros, And Papa Bear: Live From The Jon Stewart Vs. Bill O’Reilly Debate |Warming Glow|

Mythbusters’ Titanic episode explains why Jack had to drown |Film Drunk|

Oh No, Brothers: The Internet Responds To The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape |With Leather|

Stacey Dash Just Became Unattractive* |Smoking Section|

Meet The Spaniard Version Of Aaron Rodgers |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

T-Rex high heels are a thing |Daily What|

Honest Trailer: Prometheus |Gorilla Mask|

Matthew McConaughey Is A Skeleton |Buzzfeed|

12 Ridiculous Failed Apple Store Robberies |Complex|

The 15 Best and Worst Things About Fall |College Humor|

The Six Best Movies Featuring Backwoods Redneck Freaks |Unreality|

13 Little-Known Punctuation Marks We Should Be Using |Mental Floss|

“What Would You Like To Do If Money Were No Object?” |High Definite|

A Nine-Minute Supercut of Stone Cold Steve Austin Saying ‘What’ |Brobible|

The Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes Of All Time |HuffPost Comedy|

Comparing the 10 Most Successful Revenge Movies of All Time to the 10 BEST Revenge Films |Pajiba|

Old clips from “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson” discovered in a storage facility right next to David Letterman’s hair |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: This cat seems to have some abandonment issues. |via DP&F|

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[Inset picture via willzone.]