Clever Girl (And Afternoon Links)

Clever girl. |via ADHD|

Rob Lowe Flew Around With A Jet Pack, And Now There Is Video |Warming Glow|

Omar Little Makes The Most Effective Pro-Marriage Equality Argument Yet |UPROXX|

UPROXX Video: Old Man Still Doing News, Hates Everything, Basically |UPROXX|

Great Moments In Spring Break History: ‘Walk It Off, Bro!’ |With Leather|

Better Know A Draft Pick: Dee Milliner |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Music’s 10 Newest Illuminati Inductees |Smoking Section|

A fan sent Jared Leto a severed ear |Film Drunk|

Founding Fathers Rap |Gorilla Mask|

YouTube HOF: Best Talk Show Interviews |Grantland|

Every Videogame from The Simpsons |College Humor|

12 Historical Speeches Nobody Ever Heard |Mental Floss|

Believe it or not, all these celebs are the same age |The Chive|

10 episodes that show the best of Mad Men’s many facets |AV Club|

The 6 Stupidest Plots of Supposedly Smart Movie Villains |Cracked|

Flying Rescue Lifeguard Drone Could be a Real Life Saver |Technabob|

20 Former Child Actors Who Had Sense Enough to Quit the Business |Pajiba|

Game of Thrones Death Generator: How Would You Die in Westeros? |Vulture|

The Five Greatest “Ghettocentric” Gangster Movies From the Nineties |Unreality|

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