A Cat Pushing A Kitten In A Shopping Cart Presents The Links

UPROXX At Comic-Con 2012 |UPROXX|

‘He Makes Damn Good Meth’: The Best Moments From The ‘Breaking Bad’ Panel At Comic-Con |UPROXX|

Lori Grimes Knows You Hate Her: Observations From The 2012 ‘Walking Dead’ Comic-Con Panel |UPROXX|

Theon Seems Cool: Our Takeaways From The 2012 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Comic-Con Panel |UPROXX|

Chupacabra Of D*cks: A Comprehensive Guide To The ‘Archer’ Panel At Comic-Con |UPROXX|

Alison Brie Raps, Joel McHale Takes His Shirt Off: ‘Community’ Season 3 Gag Reel |Warming Glow|

The 25 Best Costumes We’ve Seen So Far At Comic-Con |UPROXX|

Funny People Doing Funny Things: Photos From Adult Swim’s Comic-Con Panels |UPROXX|

Sylvester Stallone’s son found dead |Film Drunk|

WWE Money In The Bank PPV – Open Discussion Thread |With Leather|

5 Predictions For “Breaking Bad” Season 5 |Smoking Section|

The World’s Fattest Woman Is Losing Weight… Try And Guess How |With Leather|

Schwarzenegger Showed Up To Comic Con, talks Twins 2 |Film Drunk|

Sneak A Peek At The First Two Minutes of the Seventh Season of ‘Dexter’ |Warming Glow|

How Not To Jump Off A Dock |The High Definite|

7 Unintentionally Sexual Optical Illusions |HuffPost Comedy|

Lines of Dialogue That Could Have Altered Entire Films |Unreality|

In Pictures: Joss Whedon Hangs Out with the Unwashed Geek Masses |Pajiba|

Katy Perry: “My hair got caught in the wheels of my spinning peppermint bra.” We need to free her from this insidious device |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Dog has an interesting way of fetching tires. |via Arbroath|

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[Pictures via Buzzfeed and Robot In Disguise.]