The Corgi Is Broken (And Afternoon Links)

Meme Watch: IKEA Monkey Photoshops Are More Fun Than A Barrel Full Of, Well, You Know |UPROXX|

The Absolute Very Worst Movies Of 2012 |Film Drunk|

Grumpy Cats, Lawyer Dogs, And More: The 20 Best Memes Of 2012 |UPROXX|

The 10 Most Important Dogs To Appear On TV In 2012 |Warming Glow|

Dunk Battle: Which Slam Dunk Is The Most Slam Dunkingest (Or Whatever) |With Leather|

Gather Around And Listen To The Rock And Slick Rick’s 2001 Rap Duet About Pie |Smoking Section|

Not So Fast, Gronk: A Definitive Gallery Of The NFL’s Biggest Meathead Brian Bosworth |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Gandalf Street Magic |College Humor|

The 20 Hottest Hot Girl GIFs of 2012 |Brobible|

Dave Chappelle: In His Own Words |High Definite|

Honest Trailer: The Lord of the Rings |Gorilla Mask|

10 Crappiest Movies of Cate Blanchett’s Career |Pajiba|

Twenty two terrible things that must end in 2013 |Fark|

30 Gifts For People Who Love Bacon |HuffPost Comedy|

Jamie Foxx And Samuel L. Jackson Locked Lips |Buzzfeed|

12 Terrible Pieces of Advice for Pregnant Women |Mental Floss|

The Best Restrospective of The Dark Knight Trilogy You’ll See |Unreality|

VIDEO BELOW: Oh no, the Corgi is broken. |via HYST|

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[Inset picture via B&P.]