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04.27.10 9 years ago

PICTURE ABOVE: “A friend of mine snagged the shot. He’s choosing to remain anonymous but its awesome all the same. He stood in line to get his photo taken and just said ‘Lets do this makes hand gesture‘ and they took the photo. The whole crowd standing in line was cheering so i believe thats why Nimoy is grinning ear to ear. As far as i can tell he wasnt aware of the cultural significance of the Shocker.” [dmachpher]

I wrote this feature on 7 awesome Japanese things.  Come for the adorable, theiving snow monkeys.  Stay for the giant Mario balls. [Uproxx]

Every new Iron Man 2 clip, featuring suitcase armor. [Filmdrunk]

24 Clever and Creative Elevator and Escalator Ads [Urlesque]

Hollywood turning against surgery?  Well, against really obvious plastic surgery anyway. [WarmingGlow]

Another edition of LOLNFL captioned photos. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Finally, somebody writes a song for all the struggling strippers out there. [TheSmokingSection]

This bird loves house music. [CollegeHumor]

The 7 manliest films from John Carpenter [Gunaxin]

Conan O’Brien & Jim Carrey tap their inner Superman [ComicsAlliance]

“Christopher Walken wants to take a bath at Regis Philbin’s house, then feast on a tuna fish sandwich made by Philbin himself” (video) [InsideTV]

This video of giraffes fighting is badass. [Guyism]

VIDEO BELOW: “The Italian Vodaphone crew put together this pretty cool Rube Goldberg mechanism using smartphones.” [via HYST]

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