Nic Cage Everywhere, Michael Winslow's Brother From Another Mother, And Links

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19 Wildly Dangerous Home Remedies From 100 Years Ago |Mental Floss|

12 GIFs That Prove Kobe Bryant Has Stolen Everything From Michael Jordan |Buzzfeed|

Predicting the Post-Credits Fate of 10 Romantic-Comedy Couples |Pajiba|

The 2012 USA Basketball Team Has a Blooper Reel, and It’s Tremendous |BroBible|

Children’s Hospital Webisode: “What If… Blake Got Another Chance?” |Adult Swim|

The ultimate invention for telling your coworkers to screw themselves: The Isolator |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Michael Winslow, is that you? |via Arbroath|

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[Pictures via Buzzfeed and Reddit.]