Links With A Meme-y Center and the Best Tattoo Idea Ever

10.05.10 8 years ago

PICTURES: Joe dropped the awesome shop above in the links post yesterday, and Matt made the inset pic for RoboShark.  They are awesome.

If you missed it yesterday, here’s Meme Watch: Forever Alone [Uproxx]

What Weird Gadgets Will Be at CEATEC? (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies: Japan’s ultimate gadget trade show) [UproxxNews]

Keanu learns about the Sad Him meme [

The Worst Family Feud Team Ever [WarmingGlow]

Kanye Performs “Power” and “Runaway” On SNL [TSS]

Let Your Man Watch Football [WithLeather]

Schadenfreude Gallery: All the Photos of Jay Cutler Getting Sacked You Could Possibly Want [KissingSuzyKolber]

11 Video Games Julius Caesar Would Totally Love [UGO]

Plain Old Sex is So Yesterday [TheSmokingJacket]

Top 9 Halloween Costumes For Celebrity Wannabes [TheUrbanDaily]

17 Year Old Girl Shreds [Buzzfeed]

Cartman Narrates Soccer Drama [Unathleticmag]

VIDEOS BELOW: Ever wanted to see the MacGyver theme played by a milling machine? [via TDW]   No?  Well how about the best tattoo idea in the world instead? [some swearing and cartoon nudity, via CollegeHumor]

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