Links With Ghost Bustin’ and Ridin’

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PICTURE ABOVE: This was Ray Bradbury’s reaction to watching the “F*** Me, Ray Bradbury” video [via AICN]

Five Inevitable Ways Your Social Network Will Be Ruined [Uproxx]

Animals vs. Authorities: Who Ya Got? [

Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are furiously Oscarbating [Filmdrunk]

“I think it’s terrific that fans have the chance to own and treasure these things,” says a grown adult dressed as the polar bear from Lost. [WarmingGlow]

This passed-out guy should be glad about which fluid got sprayed on him for our amusement [WithLeather]

Cee-Lo Green speaks For thrifty, jilted hearts everywhere [TSS]

12 Videos Of Jumping Animals [Urlesque]

Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800% [Buzzfeed]

The epic battle between drunk guys and inclined surfaces continues [Guyism]

Five Reasons Why You Should Fear the Discovery Channel [TheSmokingJacket]

Panda Grooves to Bed Intruder Song [CollegeHumor]

Latvia’s Graffiti Super-Heroes Are Depressingly Awesome [ComicsAlliance]

VIDEO BELOW: Firefighters ghost ride the whip [via Buzzfeed]

[Inset pic by ScottDerby]

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