Links With Hopping Otters

09.07.10 8 years ago

Meme Watch: Strutting Leo [Uproxx]

4th Annual KSK Kares Kharity Drive. Humiliate Matt Ufford for a Good Cause [

Corgi Friday. Mark your calenders. Rearrange your life. [WarmingGlow]

Weird news, Apple Ping updates, and gravy wrestling. [UproxxNews]

R.I.P. Robert Schimmel, you funny bastard. [Filmdrunk]

Fight fight fight [WithLeather]

What If Stan Lee Made Album Covers? [TheSmokingSection]

The 25 FPS Games That Will Save Your Life During the Apocalypse [UGO]

“Top 20 tools everyone should own. If you dont’t have all of these you are well, a tool” [Fark]

‘CLiNT’ Is Definitely a Magazine By Mark Millar [ComicsAlliance]

Fastest Time to Say First 100 Digits of Pi While Twisting a Rubik’s Cube and Balancing 15 Books on Head [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: These otters are very enthusiastic. [via Buzzfeed]

[Pictures via fyeahalbuquerque and fyeahdementia]

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