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Facebook Fail-log: The Ten Best Recent Fails [Uproxx]

Raekwon Calls Justin Bieber A Lesbian, R.I.P. Knut The Polar Bear, Etc. [UproxxNews]

Athlete Tattoed Trivia Challenge: Answers And Winners [WithLeather]

Movie Titles In Movies: The Supercut [Filmdrunk]

Bob Dylan Sings ‘Charles In Charge’ [WarmingGlow]

Standing For Everything: 10 Great Rap Logos [TSS]

In case you missed it in the Frotcast (or just want to hear more about it), here’s a Glenn Danzig anecdote [HellYeah]

Sofia Vergara Is Attractive [WWTDD]

Andrew Dice Clay on Charlie Sheen [TheSuperficial]

Netflix Builds a ‘House of Cards’ That Could Knock Down the Networks [TVSquad]

Best Movie Art Ever (This Week) — Pee-Wee Picasso, Vader van Gogh [Moviefone]

50 Beautiful Pictures Of The Supermoon From Around The World [Buzzfeed]

How The World’s Worst Singer Took Over The Internet: Friday To Friday Breakdown [NextRound]

This “20 Most Overrated Films of All Time” list written by an early-20s college Republican is about as big of an idiotic train wreck as you could possibly imagine [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Big cat in a little box [via HYST]

[Pictures via JuliaSegal and TheFrogman]

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