Links With Slow Dogs

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Chodin suggests, via photoshop, nine jobs for Lindsay Lohan. [Uproxx]

Lena Horne dies at age 92. [TheSmokingSection]

Business dog saves the market. [WarmingGlow]

Brandon Hardesty re-enacts the bunker scene from Downfall. Try pulling that from Youtube, Constantin Films. [Filmdrunk]

The best of horror pulp [Gunaxin]

10 superheroes you want as part of your family [ComicsAlliance]

“Toilet Paper Bandit” caught by local police [Guyism]

5 theme shows and reunions SNL should do [TVSquad]

During his lifetime, Darwin wondered if marrying his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood, might have contributed to the poor health of their 10 children. [Asylum]

Every summer music festival you’ve ever been to (picture) [CollegeHumor]

Casino Jack documentarian: “You Can’t Make This S–t Up” [InsideMovies]

The 10 funniest names in sports.  Hey, they forgot Johnny Dickshot. (slideshow) [BleacherReport]

VIDEO BELOW: Hope the dog goes for a ride on Carl the turtle [via Nerdcore]

[Picture via WellThatsAdorable]

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