Sex Workers Are Not Happy With Lisa Ann’s Rant On The Differences Between Porn Stars And Prostitutes

We showed you Lisa Ann’s rant against prostitution earlier in the week and as you probably could’ve guessed, it didn’t sit well with many folks. Sex workers and many others took to social media to voice their disagreement with her claims that her career as a porn star is a safer, better path than your normal, everyday sex worker that’s allegedly only working for themselves.

Dan Savage and several others took exception to Lisa Ann’s comments, particularly for the alleged hypocrisy behind it all. Some even Tweeted out evidence of Lisa Ann escorting in the past, something that came up during her recent spat with Nikki Benz on Twitter. But the most damning condemnation probably comes from KateOntheGo, an Australian advocate for sex work that runs the blog KVALegal.

KateOnTheGo tears through Lisa Ann’s argument point by point, boiling it down to the following:

So Lisa Ann, what you have done is:

(1) participated in whorearchy;

(2) offended fellow sex workers;

(3) offended non-sex workers with your gender based comments;

(4) marginalise the industry; and

(5) pissed a whole lot of people off.

So, Lisa Ann, remain in your Porn Star Ivory Tower if you wish to, but right now, I am concerned than 800,000 people will develop the same disgusting attitude that you have displayed by posting that You Tube clip. No woman is better off or any less that what they are worth – to themselves. They wake up with themselves every morning and go to bed every night as sex workers. How they feel about themselves doing what they CHOOSE to do (in most circumstances), is THEIR business, no one else’s.

The entire thing went viral (as was intended) and a follow-up post was released, thanking those that reached out in support and updating that Lisa Ann has not responded. It also led to a Reddit AMA on Thursday, so you can’t say a little controversy is bad for business.

(Via KVALegal / DailyDot)