Lisa Lampanelli Won Last Night’s Charlie Sheen Roast On Twitter

I know I can’t be the only one who tuned into Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen’s roast last night and immediately thought, “Where the hell is Lisa Lampanelli?” Because really — it’s not a real roast without her, as far as I’m concerned.
But alas, though she was offered a slot at last night’s roast, Lampanelli, the so-called “Queen of Mean,” had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t make it. But luckily for us, she raced home to live-tweet the whole thing, firing insults at warp speed at everyone on the dais — with the exception of Amy Schumer, who turned in arguably the best performance as Lampanelli’s replacement and obviously won her over. And while there were definitely some hilarious jokes told on the show last night, my vote for top Charlie Sheen Roast roaster goes to Lampanelli, with Amy Schumer in a close second place.
Anyway, I went though the dozens of Lampanelli tweets, picked out the ones that made me LOL hardest and placed them carefully and lovingly in a gallery for you. Aren’t I swell? Enjoy!