Listen To A Horrible Lady Go Crazy At Dunkin Donuts Because She Wasn’t Given A Receipt

Unless your last name is “Kennedy” or you play lacrosse, you’ve probably had a crappy customer service job. Cashiers, waiters, baggers, phone sex hotline helpers, people love to picks fights with all of ’em, to prove their own self-worth or because they’re horribly, horribly lonely — or both. Most folks, however, aren’t as awful as the “worst person ever,” to quote Gawker, who bitched out a poor Dunkin Donuts employee because “she didn’t get a receipt.”

She’s no “c*nt punt,” but “I want the whole f*cking menu, bitch…twice” will do in a pinch.

Filming vertically ain’t helping her cause, either.

UPDATE: The name of the girl in the video is apparently Taylor Chapman and she has Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts she’ll likely be deleting soon.

(Via Gawker)