This Little Boy And His Pet Duck Have An Incredible Bond Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

You often hear stories about a boy and his dog (or even a boy and his cat), a loyal friend and fierce protector — however, this story of a Texas boy named Tyler really puts a spin on the old trope. As Tyler’s parents write on their Facebook page, “Mr. T and Bee: A Tale of a Boy and His Duck,” the Young family brought home Beaker, or “Bee” for short, as a duckling when Tyler was just nine months old, and their bond was “instant and incredible.”

Now Tyler and Bee are inseparable, and the two do everything together, including going to the park and taking wagon rides. Tyler is never far from Bee’s watchful eye who supervises bath time and rushes to his side if he’s ever upset. Bee is just one of 11 ducks the Texas family owns, but he’s the only one who lives indoors. (And if you’re wondering, yes he does wear a diaper inside the house.)

Here are just a few photos and videos from the pair’s fan page, documenting their heart-warming adventures together:

(Via BoredPanda)