These Photos Of A Little Girl Being Attacked By A Goose Are Painfully, Painfully Funny

mean goose

Here is a truth most of us are afraid to speak out loud: Geese are awful. They’re mean, they’re vicious, and they know when you’re talking sh*t, so they’ll come after you as soon as they know you think you’re safe. No one is safe. Not men, not women, and certainly not little girls in brightly-colored dresses just trying to enjoy their time out in nature. You want to frolic in the park? “Not in my house,” says the goose.

The cruelty of this foul member of the water fowl family is certainly on display in the below pictures. In them, a tin child named Summer learns exactly how awful nature can be when she’s attacked by a goose after going outside. Of course, her neighbor got it on camera, and, as she points out, it’s pretty funny. Well, it’s pretty funny if you’re not a young child who was attacked by a goose.

Gaze upon Summer’s unyielding despair:

Summer’s fine now, of course, “just a little terrified to go outside,” but she’ll be happy to know that her misfortune has since gone viral, allowing all of us to remember exactly how awful the outside is. If Summer ends up never leaving the house again due to fear of a rogue goose coming at her to finish the job, no one could blame her.

Let this be a lesson. As we noted last year, one should never approach a goose. Even if your dad is telling you it’s okay. Geese will f*ck your entire life.

(h/t: Cosmopolitan)