Little Girl Escapes Certain Death Twice After Being Thrown From Car In Insane Video

From Russia, the land of TV reporters getting hit by cars and Cow-Poop Cobra Statue, comes a literally death-defying video involving a two-year-old girl who probably shouldn’t be with us, but miraculously and mercifully, is.

The footage, from Russia, shows a Mitsubishi car losing control as the driver, Dmitry Aliev, 53, performs an illegal overtaking manoeuvre, reports the Daily Telegraph.

As the car slides on the treacherous roads the back end is clipped by another lorry.

The baby girl, who was on the parcel shelf in the rear of the car and not strapped in, is flung into the road. She can be seen crawling amongst debris as the lorry heads towards her.

Luckily the lorry driver manages to swerve, avoiding a truly horrific accident.

The girl’s adoptive parents then sprint out to retrieve her. She was taken to hospital with cuts and bruising to the head, the Daily Mail said. (Via)

So, what did we learn here? Two things: 1) No one should live on the barren ice planet known as Russia, and 2) Some people should not be parents.

(Via Huffington Post)

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