Little Kid’s Reaction To Darth Vader Being Luke’s Father

Do you remember when you found out that awful secret? That Darth Vader, the most evil man in the galaxy was actually Luke’s father and by extension Luke was crushing on his sister? Look at this kid, sitting next to his sister, realizing that Luke kissed Leia and was clearly competing with Han over her?

Look at how grossed out he is. This little kid can’t even look his own sister in the eye after realizing the truth, and for good reason! I’m embarrassed for him. And then for his parent to film this weird pseudo-incest reaction shot and put it online for the world to see. Well, that’s just exploitative.

This raises an interesting question, when is the best time to introduce your kids to Star Wars? Was this child too young? Check out the video of this young boy reacting to Darth Vader’s secret and watch and important PSA about introducing your kids to Star Wars after the jump.