Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Hunts For Some ‘Salvation’ Tonight

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03.27.13 175 Comments

A serial killer kidnaps the second most annoying character on Arrow tonight.

We’ve been making a lot of fun of Thea and Roy’s romance, because honestly it brings out the worst in both characters. Apparently tonight a vigilante known as “The Savior” will abduct Roy and his red hoodie and try to bump him off.

The Savior, who claims to inspired by Ollie, is targeting people he thinks are ruining The Glades, the slum neighborhood in the show that is apparently close to Laurel’s office. Why Roy and his red hoodie are ruining the Glades is anybody’s guess, but we’re assuming the show will get into that.

That said, this does look to be a nice “ticking clock” type episode with Ollie running around rooftops looking for a specific ass to kick, even if Roy’s fate isn’t really a big deal. Also, if we get more Manu Bennett WTF Face, we can start photoshopping that onto specific scenes.

Get your GIFs ready and meet us here tonight at 8pm EST.

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