That Fed Up Local News Anchor Clarifies His Rant Against The Kardashians

Orlando Fox 35 anchorman John Brown went viral earlier this week when he had a borderline meltdown on air and said what pretty much everyone is thinking about the Kardashians — namely, that everyone is sick of hearing about them and why do we care about these horrid troll people and why don’t deport them all to a deserted camera-free island. (I may be colorfully elaborating on his remarks.)

At any rate, Brown wants people to know that he’s not just some big Kardashian-hater, but that his problem is with the incessant media coverage that we’re all guilty of. He says in the clip:

My issue isn’t with the Kardashians. I don’t have a problem with them at all, I’ve never seen the show. My issue is from the media standpoint — we feel like the public wants to hear it. The public hears it so much about it that they think the media is going to give more. It’s this huge cycle.

He also addressed the “no Kardashians for a week” ban that Perez Hilton, of all websites, is instituting, tweeting the following:

So in other words, if the entire family actually does get deported to a deserted camera-free island, that’s A-OK to report on. If Kim Kardashian takes her umpteenth sexually suggestive selfie of the week, only like, the camera accidentally picks up on a box of Gas-X Ultra Strength sitting on a nearby counter top… not gonna lie, I will probably cover that too.

(Via The Wrap)