Loki, Sinestro, And The Mandarin Star In Jaguar’s Super Bowl Ad

01.30.14 5 years ago 14 Comments

Jaguar has never had a Super Bowl ad before, and they wanted to do it right. So, they got an Oscar-winning director and, more importantly, a rogue’s gallery of supervillains to star in it as they riff on why, precisely, the British are so good at portraying supervillains.

OK, so Mark Strong, Tom Hiddleston, and Ben Kingsley are not in character, per se. But come on, we’re comics nerds, that’s what we think of when we see them. OK, fine, Kingsley is also Ghandi, but watch the spot and tell us if that would work:

Loki, er, Hiddleston steals the show, one has to admit, but that’ll happen when you’re the guy with the helicopter. The idea, of course, is that the Jaguar F-Type is a “British villain”, although it’ll have to be pretty amazing to rival this:

So, can this be the prelude to either these guys working on a heist movie, or just a massive fight? We’d be happy either way.

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