Lollipop Chainsaw Has A Predictably Emo Villain, Cheerleader Upskirts


We’ve posted a couple videos for Lollipop Chainsaw before. The bad news is that those videos were since pulled. The good news is that we’ve got new embeds of all that to post here again. The other good news is we spotted a new trailer on YouTube introducing the main villain: Swan the goth kid who triggered the zombie apocalypse with an evil book and ridiculous “Jigsaw from Saw” hair. The other other good news is that Lollipop Chainsaw is a game about a chainsaw-wielding, grenade-throwing, zombie-hunting cheerleader named Juliet Starling whose boyfriend is a disembodied head. It looks as delightfully insane as it sounds.

The game comes from Suda 51 and James Gunn, the Troma alumnus who wrote and directed Super, a movie worthy of existing for this Ellen Page picture alone. The videos and promo photos below may be NSFW depending on your workplace’s policy on cartoon zombie violence and cheerleader upskirts. Man, I don’t want to live in a world where that’s not allowed, nay, celebrated.

[Image credits: Grant Brummett via Obvious Winner, Dave and Thomas, Lollipop Chainsaw on Facebook]