London Police Have Released Footage From The Wild Easter Jewel Heist Worth Nearly $300 Million

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04.13.15 5 Comments

Danger gleefully brought you the details behind a clever and thrilling jewel heist in London, England over Easter weekend. Today, police have finally released footage of the crooks making their entrance and exit from the area, disguised as common work men.

ABC news decided to compare the events of the heist to Oceans Eleven, but I believe our own crack heist reporter was on the scene first:

Rappelling down an elevator shaft and penetrating fortified doors? This isn’t a Pierce Brosnan movie, it’s Ocean’s Eleven. It’s almost exactly like the plot of Ocean’s Eleven. They even might have had a diminutive Chinese acrobat in the vault to help them get in.

There was no acrobat, but there was some questionable police activity to take its place. The London police admitted that there was an alarm triggered at the start of the weekend, but nobody decided to check it out. Just poor decision making or is there a very rich inside man or woman somewhere? The details remain closed tight, but police are looking into the revelation.

Until then, we can relive the caper one last time. Michael Caine would be proud:

(Via Bro Bible / ABC News)

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