Folks Are Rallying Around This Man Fleeing The London Terror Attacks With A Beer In Hand

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If we can take anything from the terror attacks in London and Manchester, it’s the fact that British folks aren’t going to let terror stop them from living life. There might be an increased risk, larger police presence, and multiple cameras watching every move on the street corners, but a little bit of violence isn’t going to force people to stay inside their homes with fear.

Folks in Manchester used the music of Oasis to signal their defiance in the face of terror, but the people of London didn’t have to look too far to find their hero. While folks were fleeing the danger of Borough Market, cameras caught the man above walking with the crowd with his beer in hand. While some seemed to be angry that the image was posted on social media and became a sort of running joke, others were quick to point out why it was so important to keep some humor in the face of a terrible situation:

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