Look At Benedict Cumberbatch Mo-Capping Smaug In This Ridiculously Handsome Video

I loved The Lord of the Rings, but am jaded on The Hobbit. What I really am getting sick of is motion capturing performances. If you know anything about illustration, there really is no need for motion capture except to provide a tiny shortcut. Motion capture basically takes a bunch of credit away from the special effects wizards that bring a huge dragon to life on screen.

So, when I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was doing motion capture for the dragon Smaug, I couldn’t wait to see how ridiculous the footage of him in the suit would look. Wasn’t disappointed. I haven’t looked away from the screen so much in pain since 12 Years A Slave. Let’s just leave it to the animators to do all the animating, and for Benedict to just stick to doing that deep, sexy voice. (*loosens clip-on tie*) Dang, Cumberbatch. You’re making it all uncomfortable in here.

To quote Archer, “This is just… babytown frolics.”

Via Reddit, YouTube