Full Trailer For 'Looper' Is All Tilted Camera And Joseph Gordon Levitt Facial Prosthetics

Who did this to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face?  SHOW ME WHERE THE BULLIES ARE.

The first full trailer for Looper was released last night. They use a voiceover to explain the premise: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (wearing prosthetics on his face and creepy fake eyebrows) is the younger version of Bruce Willis, and he works as a “Looper”, a hitman who kills people sent 30 years into the past by the mob. In the future, time travel exists but is illegal, and people would rather risk unraveling the entire universe via a paradox than put a bullet in somebody’s head in present time, apparently. Let’s not dwell on the premise from writer/director Rian Johnson for too long. He’s the writer and director of Brick and The Brothers Bloom, so let’s just roll with it and see what he can do.

As much as I want to look at Johnson’s resume and enjoy this trailer, one thing keeps nagging at me (besides what they did to JGL’s face). If you see that an older version of yourself is your newest target zapped into the past, why the hell would you shoot at yourself even once? Is this movie seriously an extended version of the “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself” game? It figures we’d invent time travel and then just use it to play with ourselves.

Tag lines written in the second person?  SH-T JUST GOT MAD REAL. See that letter ‘O’ turned into a clock face? OH SNAP, SON, THERE’S TIME TRAVEL IN THIS B-TCH.

[Video via BleedingCool. Pictures via TheFilmStage.]