We’re Really Excited For ‘Looper’ So Here Are Some Funny Tweets About ‘Looper’

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09.27.12 2 Comments

I got pretty excited for Rian Johnson’s Looper whenever I first read about it in whatever geeky place on the internet I first read about it (don’t remember) and then I attended the Looper Comic-Con panel and I was all nerd-boner-can’t-wait-heart-you-jgl AND THEN I read Laremy’s non-spoilery recap from TIFF and was all “hold my calls” to no one in particular for no particular reason but I was running out of ways to show excitement.

Looper will most definitely be honored with the 2012 distinction of first movie I see on a Fall football weekend — which is fairly prestigious in certain circles — and I want to cover it in some manner so here are a couple of funny tweets about time travel, Bruce Willis, and baby punching that I enjoyed. Hopefully they’ll be enough to hold us over until the GIFs and memes are here. 91%, yo.

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