Neither Lori Loughlin Or Felicity Huffman Thought It Was A ‘Huge Deal’ To Game The System To Get Their Kids Into College

03.21.19 4 months ago

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Operation Varsity Blues, as it’s come to be known, captivated a nation left reeling over why actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman (along with dozens of other high-profile business executives) would resort to such disreputable tactics to get their kids into college. Especially when they could have just, say, made a donation to the universities or helped build a new library wing instead of allegedly resorting to crime.

Also confused by the scandal were Loughlin and Huffman themselves, neither of whom seemed to think what they were doing was out of the ordinary as mothers wanting the best for their kids. According to Us Weekly, Loughlin in particular “truly believed her heart was in the right place” when she and her husband allegedly paid a half millions dollars to get her daughters into the University of Southern California by faking their involvement in crew.

“Lori is a really great mom who is completely into her kids and family life,” the source says. “She lives and breathes for her husband and children. … Her intentions were pure.”

“In [Lori’s] mind, the end result made everything she had to do worth it,” the source tells Us. “And she really didn’t even see it as being a huge deal.”

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