Gridlocked Los Angeles Holiday Traffic Captured By Helicopter Is Predictably Insane

For anyone living in sunny Los Angeles, dealing with constant, gridlocked traffic is more or less a way of life. There’s a reason why the City of Angels makes up six out of the top ten on a list of the worst congestion areas in the country. But as the holidays approach and people try to get out of work early to prepare for the festivities, or travel out of town to visit family and friends, traffic in Los Angeles begins to reach critical mass.

Such was the scene captured in West Los Angeles by ABC 7’s eye in the sky Tuesday evening, of a complete and total gridlock on the 405 freeway, creating a glowing, winding pattern of white headlights and red brake lights. If almost kind of festive looking (just in time for Christmas!), if you ignore the fact that each and every one of those cars was likely filled with a driver in the throes of fiery, white hot rage.

And if you think that’s bad, consider that this was just Tuesday night. Thanksgiving eve is probably going to be so much worse. So if you live in or around Los Angeles — or any major metropolitan city, really — you might just want to consider staying it tonight if possible.

At least one person found a way to make good of the situation however, with some creative editing. When life gives you crippling traffic, make Pokeballs?