Watch As This Lost Goose Follows A Guy In His Truck To Lakeside Happiness

Ducks and geese rank high among the animals that are most likable in the world, close behind monkeys, chickens, and small puppies. That’s why a video like this interests me. It alleges to be of a man in Alberta, Canada assisting a lost goose find its way to the nearby Shining Bank Lake. The wild Canadian goose doesn’t seem too wild at first, putting up with our heroic man’s petting and near misses with the truck to follow him along at a glide.

It’s just a fun lazy Sunday type of video and a pure slice of Canada. I know plenty of people here in the States that might hit the goose and then take it home to cook for dinner. They’re hard up, clearly. Lucky for this goose, the video is from Canada and we get to see him enjoy the lake after his journey is complete.

(Via Andre Bachman)