The Next Time UPS Loses Your Package, You Might Want To Browse EBay


Packages get lost all the time in transit. Nothing is fool proof, especially when it comes to US Mail, UPS, FedEx, or any other way you can think of to ship mail and packages several states away. Most of the time, it is the shipper’s fault completely that something goes missing, but they reverse the mistake as soon as possible. The benefit of the doubt can apply to all sorts of situations where wires get crossed or the address is put into the system wrong by an employee. All that matters is that people get their packages back in the end.

YouTuber Rob Dahm did get his lost package back from UPS, but not the easy way. Months after UPS lost his incredibly valuable and rare engine, and after attempting all of the normal pathways to get it back, Dahm came across his engine up for auction on eBay. After some help from a friend and smart finagling, Dahm got his engine back for good. But not without having to essentially pay for it twice, while UPS continued to insist it was “lost in transit.” Not exactly the most convincing argument when the proof is in the pudding, UPS. Or should we say the proof is in the eBay listing?

(Via Upvoted)