The 'Lost' Themed Baby Nursery Is Now A Thing That Exists

We don’t discuss Lost all that much anymore. Subtract the mystery, subtract the fascination. Not to mention the majority of us (sans Paul Scheer) will never get that finale fish biscuit taste out of our mouths.
But there are some diehards out there whose devotion to the show continues to burn strong. Exhibit A: Parents M&J who just completed their way over-the-top custom Lost themed nursery, complete with polar bears, Dharma stations, branded bunnies, and an Oceanic mobile. Impressive effort, even if I can’t identify with the motivation. Video below, followed by several photos from their site.
I imagine when the kid is old enough they’re going to get him or her seasons 1-5 on DVD and tell them the show got Firefly’d.

M&J via Buzzfeed