Louis C.K. Tells Jon Stewart That He Wasn’t Expressing Support For Daniel Tosh On Twitter, Was Just Saying Hi

Last week Louis C.K. got caught up in the Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy dividing the nation when he tweeted the following at the height of the controversy: “@danieltosh your show makes me laugh every time I watch it. And you have pretty eyes.” Though he made no mention of the rape joke controversy in the tweet, many interpreted it as a show of support for Tosh, something that didn’t exactly go over very well on the internet.

Well last night C.K. appeared on the Daily Show and offered an explanation: he was on vacation in Vermont at the time, completely oblivious to the storm brewing on the internet, when he caught an episode of Tosh’s show on TV and decided compliment him for it. The next thing he knew people were writing headlines like, “Louis C.K. Tweets Love To Daniel Tosh After Rape Joke Flap.”

“I wasn’t reading the internet at the time…I had no idea,” he told Jon Stewart last night. “I’ve been called a rape apologist because I said hi to a guy.”

So now all of you who were disturbed by Louis C.K.’s alleged show of support for Tosh can rest easy and merely lose sleep over the fact that he apparently finds Tosh’s show funny.

The entire interview is embedded below. Enjoy.