Louis C.K. Fan Art Worthy Of Hanging Above Your Toilet

12.21.11 2 Comments

As you may have noticed, Louis C.K. is kind of everywhere these days, out and about doing every conceivable radio, TV and podcast interview to promote his new online-only comedy special. Heck, he even ventured into Reddit, garnering a Taiwanese animation spoof of the whole thing along the way.
And yet, we can’t seem to get enough of him. The guy is, in addition to being funny, refreshingly honest — and he has that everyman quality to him that makes him seem so relatable. I swear, I’ve consumed hours of Louis C.K. in the past couple of weeks, and still I hunger for more. I’ve yet to grow tired of him despite a massive media blitz. That’s kind of remarkable, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.
So when the fine folks at Mental Floss scoured the web and put together a massive collection of Louis C.K. fan art, of course I happily devoured it. Contained within were a few pieces that when I saw them I immediately thought, “I wouldn’t mind having that framed and hanging above my toilet.” (That’s how I judge the quality of most fan art btw — whether or not it something worthy of hanging on the wall above my toilet.) With that said, I selected 15 such pieces and placed them in a small gallery, which you can browse through after the jump. Enjoy.

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