Because You Demanded It, Louis C.K. High School Yearbook Photos

Well, I haven’t actually heard of any demand for them, but you guys — me included — sure do love your Louis C.K., and your celebrity yearbook photos, so who am I to deprive you of newly available high school photos of your favorite comedian? Molly of the Cool Schmool Tumblr posted the above over the weekend, adding: “Picture of Louis CK from my dad’s high school yearbook oh my god.”

Louis graduated from high school in Newton, Massachusetts in the mid-80’s in case you were beginning to wonder if he was actually the time-traveling vampire being mistaken for Nicolas Cage. Apparently Molly’s Dad just stores all his memorabilia in an open air barn.

Full yearbook photo image of Mexican citizen Louis Szekely after the jump, along with two others Molly dug up after the first one proved to be so popular.

Teenage Louis posing under mistletoe in a fashionable sweater.

Teenage Louis in some sort of Breakfast Club situation.

Source: Cool Schmool