Louis CK Is Offering An Extended Version Of ‘Oh My God’ On His Website For $5

Louis CK sent out an email to the legions of his followers subscribed to his email list, announcing that his HBO special was available on his website for $5. He also offered a previously unseen longer version, with approximately 12 minutes of new material.

As usual, Louis closed the email to his fans in his own interesting way:

As always I’d like to urge you not to steal or share this video so that I can continue to offer stuff on my site in this friendly and cheap way without losing my ass in the process. I don’t want to lose my ass. I have a great, great ass.
So that’s mostly it. Please go to to buy oh my god and for more information. Oh, also, we now accept Paypal, amazon payments and Dwolla.
Okay. That’s it. Please enjoy your life. And please be always curious about other people.
Your friend,
Louis ck

(Image: HBO)

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