Lucasfilm Approved This 7-Year-Old Boy’s Request To Become A Jedi And Still Get Married

It never ceases to bring me joy when I see a kid geek out over Star Wars and the above video is no exception. Meet 7-year-old Colin Gilpatric. His number one goal in life is to become a Jedi knight but he’s conflicted. Young Mr. Gilpatric also wants to get married one day and this poses a sincere problem as the Jedi, according to canon, cannot are not allowed to get married as to avoid any such attachment.

So young Colin, wrote Lucasfilm a letter addressing his conundrum:

Dear George Lucas,

I don’t like that a Jedi cannot get married. I want to get married without becoming a Sith. Please change the rule.

P.S. I want to come to Skywalker Ranch please.

Love Colin

And Lucasfilm in turn, sent this heartfelt reply below along with some pretty great Star Wars swag.

Hello Colin,

Thank you so much for writing to us with your question. It sounds like the Force is strong with you, and you are showing great wisdom by asking your question. To be a Jedi is to truly know the value of friendship, of compassion, and of loyalty, and these are values important in a marriage. The Sith think inward, only of themselves. When you find someone that you can connect to in a selfless way, then you are on the path of the light, and the dark side will not take hold of you. With this goodness in your heart, you can be married.

We enclosed a few gifts that we hope you enjoy. Thank you again for writing to us.

May the Force Be With You!

Your Friends at Lucasfilm

I’m in my mid 30s but I feel like my inner child is a bit envious of this kid. Colin, you are one lucky young Padawan.

(H/T: YouTube / The Mary Sue)