We Should Be All So Lucky As To Get A ‘Facehugger’ Scarf For Christmas

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12.11.13 5 Comments

facehugger scarf

The great thing about the Facehugger Scarf is that it works for both family members you love and workmates you hate but still have to purchase a Secret Santa present for. For the family: “Sister, I know you really love Ellen Ripley in Alien, so I hope you enjoy this gift I got for you off of Etsy.” For the employee: “Hey, Jim, you’re the worst. Put this Facehugger scarf on. Great. Now I never want to hear you or see your dumb face ever again.”

Or you could just buy and keep it for yourself (once Knitrocious makes some more, that is.)

4 - 1xxqVaq


1 - My little abomination

(Via Etsy)

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