The Luigi Death Stare Meme Is Now Real Cosplay Crashing Anime Expo 2014

The vicious side-eye Luigi gives his opponents in Mario Kart 8 spawned a meme which became so popular we even did a second meme roundup for it. Now there’s even cosplay of the Luigi Death Stare, as Luigi and a battery-powered car were at Anime Expo 2014, tossing a stuffed green shell at other cosplayers then mean mugging at the camera. Bonus points to the guy at 1:50 for responding as one should to this surly, toilet-snaking S.O.B.

Luigi is being cosplayed here by D-Piddy. At first I thought he might have been throwing that shell at people without their permission, then I remembered this is the same guy behind the many Dancing Deadpool videos, so he probably knows these people. Then again, many of them look genuinely surprised, and some of those Kill La Kill cosplayers are probably glad they secured their clothes with body tape.

Man, where’s a blue shell from Baby Daisy when you need it?

Via Guyism and Kotaku