Luke Bryan’s Wife And A Playboy Playmate Trashed A Wedding Dress Southern Style

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For quite some time, brides across the country have been practicing a radical photography style for their Big Day photos known as “Trash the Dress,” which has otherwise glowing, beautiful brides in their gorgeous white gowns getting them all dirtied up in scenes that are rather unbecoming of a wedding day. While it’s mostly meant to be an artistic celebration of love, some in the country music business have even turned it into a rite of passage for a scorned or bitter woman sending off her no-good, cheatin’ man.

Country singer Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline Bryan, took it to another level, though, when she posed for a photo shoot for Bombs Over Betty Photography and trashed a random wedding dress with her friends, Carah Owen and 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon. It wasn’t actually Caroline’s dress, however, as her and Luke married in 2006. This one was just for poops and giggles, but because it involved barbecue and Fireball whiskey, they don’t really need an opinion for me to give a thumbs up.

If anything, I’d like Caroline to plan my second or third wedding.

(Images via Bombs Over Betty)

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